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Outdoor sports
Outdoor sports

Outdoor sports

Provence in family, very pleasant destination from the first rays of sunshine !

But that to make with teenagers to motivate them to discover a so beautiful region.?

Activities for the family selected players concentrate on internal Provence, bound in Avignon or in surroundings. They are grouped by sector to tempt your spitzes to disconnect screens … They are not quite tested even if we know a little the sector, the big part of my friends "testers" Live in Vaucluse.

As your teenagers often overflow energy (except the morning upon awakening), you will find in this article of sensational activities, but also some visits to learn it more on this beautiful region of Avignon!

What's to be done with teenagers in the Regional park of Lubéron? Sports activities Leisure activities outdoor Canoe on Sorgue Faire of the canoe on Isle-sur-la-Sorgue or in the village of the Fountains of Vaucluse.

Your teenagers can navigate solo or with you by taking advantage of enjoyments of fresh waters of Vaucluse. Take advantage of big hikes:

If you can motivate your teenagers, you can visit the cellars of the path of ochre, and walk along the route in the Colorado of Rustrel. Big route of MOUNTAIN BIKE on the tracks of ochre For the most sports, why not to pedal 50 km on his MOUNTAIN BIKE on the tracks of ochre around Rustrel. Sensations and haughtiness seen in the program, and certainly some tracks of ochre on clothes?

Have sex in hot-air balloon: take advantage of a spectacular view on the region of Ochre and of the Provençal villages by taking the airs aboard a hot-air balloon! Often, the flights are made early in the morning, to take advantage of incredible colors of the region. It will be necessary to motivate your big sleepers, but it will be, certainly, great memories! Meeting in Roussillon to join Mongolfière Lubéron

And in case of bad weather (what arrives very rarely) Escape Game de Robion or of Vedene.

A concept which expands everywhere in France! Ideal in the daytime of bad weather, think of booking for a long time before. For those who do not know, you are locked into a room and you have an allotted time to stand out from it by looking for indications and by solving riddles to find the key! Funny and "stress" In the program! The Time Out de Robion waits for you with 3 scenarios and soon novelties for a good time in family. That of Vedene, Ghostbusters, proposes you too 3 rooms: puppeteer, The N6 Chamber and Mystery of Mrs Neighbor. Sports activities around the mount Ventoux Le famous Mount Ventoux dominates this part of Provence vauclusienne and can become a real park of game, as soon as you are a little a sportsman; next to eternal gone hiking, here is some more unusual ideas to awaken the interest of your big from 12 to 18 years! The sports activities of leisure outdoor.

The ascent of Mont Ventoux by road bike For enthusiasts, the climb from Malauçène is to be reserved for families accustomed to such excesses of themselves! You have to be able to ride on a very steep coast, disturbed by the winds!

But I know young people who are much more capable of this activity than I am! Prefer spring and autumn for more pleasant and less harsh temperatures for your bodies! Descend the slopes of Mont Ventoux in Déval Kart Easier and more playful, the devalolkart will allow you to have fun on the slopes of Mont Ventoux. You can find 2 devaluation spots to the south in Bédoin on Ventoux Sud station or to the north on Mount Serein station near Beaumont du Ventoux. These are just a few examples of recreational sports.

We know many more! Consult us!