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Tourisme vacances activités sur Avignon & alentours
Tourisme vacances activités sur Avignon & alentours


Vaucluse abounds in sites to be visited or of activities to be lived. The Tourism is going full swing there!  The city of Avignon and the Popes' Palace (one of the values sures of Vaucluse and Provence), but also the ancient theater of Orange or the village of Gordes. You will have a very wide choice for your visits!

The city of Avignon (Capital of Vaucluse) is the reflection of its history, marked by the power of the Christian Church on the West and popes builders. On the banks of the Rhône, we perceive all the monuments which make his majesty: the Popes' Palace, the bridge Saint Bénezet, both subscribers in the world heritage of Unesco. Inescapable ones of Provence!

The ancient theater of Orange
The Ancient theater of Orange is one of the vestiges of the roman time the best the kept, with its impressive wall of scene and its semicircle which could contain up to 7 000 spectators. Today, the theater welcomes every summer Chorégies, festival of opera and classical music creates in 1869 which always meets an immense success. 

Gordes is a small village of the extremity of the tray of Vaucluse, and dominant of his high cliff the plain of Cavaillon. Illuminated by the sun, the village reveals its charms, paved alleys, castle the Renaissance from where result stone houses combed of tiles. One of the most beautiful villages of France which saw parading of numerous artists as Marc Chagall, Victor Vasarely and Pol Mara.

Provençal Colorado
No you do not dream! You are well in France, more exactly on The path of Ochre,  Called also Provençal Colorado. A landscape shaped by the hand of the man at the end of the XIXth century, then in search of pigments, but also by the erosion. Follow paths marked out about immersing you at the heart of dunes, needles and fireplaces in the extraordinary colors.

The abyss of Fontaine-de-Vaucluse
Between the Mount Ventoux and the hills of Lubéron, in the village of Fontaine-de-Vaucluse is a natural site of exception. An abyss, a kind of bowl natural containing green waters of Sorgue. This turquoise blue ornamental pond a mysterious stalk attracts the speleologists and the divers in thirst of discoveries. 

Vaucluse it is one thousand possible activities and so many marvels to be discovered in Provence!